LGBTQ Therapy

Are You In The LGBTQ Community And Searching For Greater Happiness, Purpose And Fulfillment In Your Life?

  • Do you strive to feel a sense of belonging—to be part of a community?

  • Are you struggling in your relationship with your significant other?

  • Do you ever question your sexual orientation or gender identity?

  • Do you identify more fluidly than customary labels like "straight" or "gay" and "lesbian" generally assume?

  • Do you wish you could experience greater self-acceptance, self-compassion or authenticity in your life?

  • Are you generally doing okay and feeling fulfilled in your relationships at work, home and community but struggle with nagging feelings of shame and that you are “not good enough” or undeserving?

As an LGBTQ individual, you may have faced a great deal of discrimination, self-doubt, and struggle in your past. You may even be struggling with your current identity, sexual orientation, and personal relationships on an everyday basis. Depending on your age and generation, it’s likely you did not see any reflection of yourself growing up within your family, among your friends, at school, in your place of worship, in your neighborhood or in the larger community and society. It is likely that the messages you received from society told you that your feelings were wrong. So perhaps you kept quiet. Or if you did find the courage to share your feelings, it might have been after much careful thought, with a trusted friend, family member or teacher. Perhaps you disclosed only after careful consideration and at the risk of being rejected or harmed. It’s possible you have embraced your LGBTQ identity and have overcome feelings of shame, anxiety or low self-worth, but now you are striving to find self-compassion, or are struggling to maintain fulfilling relationships in your life. You may also be ready to explore more of yourself and to move forward in a resilient and connected life.

Most LGBTQ People Have Struggled In Some Way

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It's no surprise that most people who identify as LGBTQ—or in other ways such as queer, genderqueer, intersex, asexual—understand first-hand the pain and suffering that misunderstanding, discrimination, intolerance and hate can bring. Negative opinions of others can quickly become internalized, amplifying feelings of shame and self-hate, interfering with healthy development and adding roadblocks along the path toward self-acceptance, self-love, happiness, purpose, potential, safety and security.

Despite numerous human rights triumphs and legal victories for LGBTQ people over the past several decades, it remains a time of uncertainty and anxiety. Transgender individuals often do not feel safe being publicly visible in ways that are authentic for them. Gay and lesbian couples who have legalized their unions are worried that their hard-won equal rights could be challenged, changed, or taken away altogether. LGBTQ children or teens have suffered intense bullying at school or via social media. And in many places in the world, being openly LGBTQ—or even being perceived as LGBTQ—can be dangerous and life threatening.  

As an LGBTQ person, it can be challenging being part of a family, group or community who doesn't really understand what it is like to be you. The good news is that even though the landscapes of LGBTQ acceptance and equality continue to shift, it can also be a time of resolve, hope, regeneration and cohesion within and across communities, LGBTQ and otherwise. LGBT counseling can help you rediscover that sense of resolve, hope and purpose in your life.

Rediscover Your Strengths, Resilience And Potential With LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy

From the blog:

LGBTQ affirmative therapy is a psychotherapeutic perspective that is primarily geared toward helping you focus on what feels right and comfortable as you work toward greater awareness, authenticity, self-compassion and self-acceptance in your life and in your relationships.

As an LGBT Affirmative Therapist, I celebrate your identity. I provide a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental experience where you can feel respected for who you are and who you are endeavoring to become. Through honesty, openness and compassion, I offer you an empathic ear and encourage you to explore your particular issues or concerns at a pace that feels right for you.  I can help you re-discover the strength, the courage and the resources that you likely already have but may be struggling to access and put into practice due to personal or relational difficulties. Together, we will help you find solutions to your concerns that make sense for you. It is my hope that you can re-discover a more satisfying and fulfilling experience within yourself, and in your relationships as well.

I have several years of experience providing therapy within the LGBTQ community. I’ve also attained specialized training in LGBTQ psychology and psychotherapeutic principles. As an LGBT therapist who values the rights and experiences of LGBTQ people, I hold a number of assumptions: that a person's sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity and gender expression is moral, personal and deserving of respect, that these aspects of identity develop across the lifespan and that they should be affirmed, celebrated and nurtured, and not merely tolerated, accepted or changed.

Wherever your journey as an LGBTQ person has taken you, chances are there have been times when you felt unworthy, undeserving and uncertain whether you could truly be the person you were meant to be. Chances are too that in the course of your life, you have demonstrated courage and embodied resilience during life challenges. Working together with an experienced therapist can help you harness your inner strength and confidently move forward in a more fulfilling life.

I Still Have Questions Or Concerns About LGBTQ Therapy  

Do you offer counseling for individuals who are interested in becoming an LGBTQ ally for a loved one or friend?

I absolutely offer LGBTQ therapy for loved ones who want to become allies, gain a deeper understanding of LGBTQ issues and start building a strong support system. Learning about your loved one’s LGBTQ identity can be surprising, but taking the time to process your thoughts and emotions so you can become a compassionate family member or friend is a crucial step.

I am not yet ready to come out as LGBTQ to my significant other or family. I don't want to be pressured.

It is not uncommon to feel unsure about coming out or to wonder whether it should be undertaken at all, depending on your particular circumstances. Coming out as LGBTQ is a very personal process that should be carefully considered. It should also happen in a way that feels right, safe and meaningful for you. I can help you explore these questions so that the coming out process is approached on your terms.

I am an out and proud LGBTQ person with the support of my family and friends. Why do I need an LGBTQ therapist?

There are many fine therapists who are considered allies of the LGBTQ community and who provide excellent therapeutic care to their LGBTQ clients. But not all therapists have specialized training in LGBTQ psychology coursework as part of their MFT graduate programs, nor do they have experience providing mental health care to LGBTQ individuals both in community clinic and private practice settings like I do.

Working with an LGBTQ Affirmative Therapist who is part of your community can enhance your therapeutic experience by bringing knowledge of LGBTQ identity development, history, society, myth and culture that can add perspective and deepen understanding of the issues you wish to explore in therapy.

We are a gay male couple in a long-term relationship and have issues that go beyond being gay. How can gay affirmative therapy help us?

Your therapeutic goals should be guided by what you and your partner choose to explore in therapy. During LGBT couples counseling, you and your significant other will be regarded and validated for who you are, and your experiences as gay men in the world are valued and deserving of respect. I can help you sort through your relationship challenges in a compassionate and affirming way that both acknowledges and celebrates your experience as a gay couple while at the same remaining sensitive to who you are and what you wish to gain from therapy. 

Find Healing, Awareness, And Personalized Support


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